An Executor's job has never been harder.
Certified Executor Advisors can help.

Today's Executors must navigate the digitization of estates, complex assets, diverse families, and litigation risks.
The need for CEAs has never been greater.

I have been referring financial advisors to ICEA from the moment I first came in contact with the organization...

— Daniel Collison, BA, CFP, TEP
Managing Partner I Advice2Advisors

The fiduciary role of the executor is empowered at death, but the influential role of the executor is empowered when they discover they’ve been appointed, and no one has to die for that to happen.

— Mark O'Farrell
A note from the CEO

What is a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA)?

Certified Executor Advisors are experts in their own field but also have broad practical knowledge of everything the executor needs to know. They’re uniquely equipped to steer executors away from potential problems and toward the professionals they need.

For testators wanting to ensure their estates are well prepared, so as not to be a burden on their executors, CEAs can offer tremendous value.

CEA Role

Estate Preparation

Relieve challenges for executors by helping to ensure estates are well prepared in the first place.

Executor Support

Help executors and their families navigate obstacles with the added support of the CEA online tools and resources.

Legal Compliance

Help Executors avoid actions that may lead to personal or estate litigation.

Executor Education

Educate Executors on their roles and responsibilities in the estate settlement process.


Advise and help Executors maintain accurate records for protection of the estate and themselves.

Financial Management

Provide guidance for financial management of paying debts, taxes, and distribution of assets.


Help executors understand the importance of communication, disclosure, sensitivity, and avoiding conflicts of interest.


Provide guidance within your own expertise and refer remaining tasks to other CEA professionals.

Legacy Planning

Assist testators with considering their legacies and imagining the possibilities for their heirs and charities alike.

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As a Certified Executor Advisor

Expand Your Network: Join a diverse community of professionals for collaboration, sharing and learning.

Enhance Your Business: The CEA is a great complement to many professional disciplines and demonstrates specialized knowledge in the specific field of advising executors.

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Learn at your own pace

Learn anywhere, anytime, through our online curriculum using virtually any device with an internet connection. Take advantage of enhanced features like progress tracking, note taking, highlighting, and benefitting from various tools and resources to enhance your learning experience.


Become Certified

Complete 8 short multiple-choice quizzes and 1 final exam, all online from almost anywhere.

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Elevate yourself & network

Put your newly acquired knowledge to work by notifying existing clients, prospecting new ones, and meeting other likeminded professionals.

Become the newest CEA and join a network of professionals determined to helping people during one of the most vulnerable times of their lives

A few CEA success stories

Don't sit on the fence. Get off the fence. Take the course. You'll be glad you did.

Kat Downey

This relatively easy course will certainly help you stand out. The Death Awareness Movement is gaining traction and this is likely the leverage you've been looking for.

Greg Barnsdale

The CEA designation allowed me to increase my overall business revenue more than any other designation I've achieved over my career.

William McBay

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CEA Program Structure

Completely online, learn at your own pace.

30 hours estimated completion time.

8 short quizzes & 1 exam.

Program Price

$1,395 plus applicable tax.

Includes your first year with the

Insitute of Certified Executor Advisors.

Renewal Price

$275 annually or $22.90 monthly plus applicable tax.

Enjoy the benefits of being a CEA without interruption.

Renewals start 1 year from your date of enrolment.